Insects represent the future of our protein supply. Every day, 2 billion people already eat insects.
As your insect cook, I'll show you how to create delicious and exciting dishes with your own insects.
I give you adequate contact points for the purchase of insects as food. You will learn how to process the different types of insects in a variety of ways.



The Yummy


English Video Tutorial

This recipe is absolutely weird! Extremely tasty and addictive.

Check it out..

Spaghetti with beetroot and roasted crickets pesto

English subtitled Video Tutorial

The lovely flavour of beetroot meets roasted crickets. Great pesto match-up for spaghetti.

World best autumn Salad Recipe ✰

English Video Tutorial

Roasted mealworms and chestnuts on a baby spinach bouquet with a sweet-sour orange dressing. More autumn is hardly possible!

✰ The road to be the insect chef ✰

German Vlog

I tell you about the road I took to be the Insect Chef. My collected experiences show you my ideology.